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Benefits and Features of a WOBBookSite Website

30 Day Refund Policy - If you decide to cancel within this time all but $20 will be refunded.

Public Support Forums - We do not hide our customers questions and issues.

Any Inventory Source - You can upload from just about any inventory source.

Maintenance Free - We automatically read your inventory from The Art Of Books or Fillz  You do not have to worry about uploading your inventory changes to the website.


Categorization – Shoppers do not like websites where you can not browse through the inventory.  If you do not have your books already categorized (through AOB or Fillz) then we do it for you.  This is a huge benefit for large sellers since trying to categorize 100,000s of books is almost impossible.


Search Engine Friendly – All the benefits of a dynamic database driven website with URLs that are search engine friendly. 


No URLs like:



Instead they will look like:


where make it easier for search engines to index your pages.


Search Engine Meta Titles are either chosen by you or automatically generated from the product information.


Amazon or No Amazon – You decide if you want your website linked to Amazon. You can change back and forth at will.


Inventory Sources – You can provide inventory to the website through multiple sources. For example you can have AOB supply your main inventory but upload a spreadsheet of ARCs.


Upload Images/Link To Images/Open Library Images – If you are not linked to Amazon you still have multiple ways to provide images.


Images – We can legally show Amazon.com images on your website. (if you are linked to Amazon)  Pictures sell products.


Default Images – You can supply default images to display when Amazon does not provide an image.  You can have 1 for everything or specify different default images for any or all media types.


Product Attributes – We can legally show all the detail Amazon.com has on your items. (if you are linked to Amazon)

  • Books – Publisher information, Number of pages, Reading Levels.
  • Other Media – Artists, Actors, Directors,  Rating, Format Studio, Ratios, and more.


Reviews – Customer and Editorial reviews from Amazon.com are allowed to be shown on your website.(if you are linked to Amazon)  One of the reasons Amazon has been so successful as an online seller is all the user content they have on their website.  Buyers like to read what other buyers have to say before making a purchase.


Not Just For Bookstores – We fully support other media sellers also.  That includes categorization, shipping rates, item attributes and images.


Shipping Matrix – For your Paypal/Mals customers.  Options include different rates for: books, dvd, video, music, default.  A 1st item rate and an additional item rate is allowed for each media type.  Plus domestic, international, standard, expedited rates are all supported in all combinations.


Shopping Cart – 3 different styles.  All text for payment methods and shipping methods can be configured.  All buttons can be configured:. add to cart & buy now (both large and small) Delete From Cart, Check Out, and Continue Shopping.


Highly Configurable Look & Feel of your website

  • The look & feel editor is WYSIWYG – You see a visual representation of a webpage and you just click an edit button in the area you want to change.
  • You changes can be viewed in the control panel before you commit them to your website.
  • All colors can be configured.
  • All Font types and sizes can be configured.
  • All links can be configured.
  • All areas of the website can have background images instead of solid background colors.
  • The main look & feel for the website can be overridden on any individual page.
  • A right column can be enabled on any page to show featured items or ads.


Advanced Text Editor

  • The editor is a Word like WYSIWYG editor.  All text formatting can be done without any knowledge of HTML.
  • If desired you can use HTML in the editor.
  • Text from Word or other applications can be pasted into the Text Editor and all formatting is keep.


Add your own CSS – You have the ability to enter your own CSS formatting classes for use in the text editor.


Standard Pages – Typical website pages such as About, Policies, Contact, Privacy, and Cart pages are supplied.  You just enter your text and enable them.


Special Standard Pages/Links – Email Page to a Friend, Add to Favorites and Amazon AStore pages are included.


Menus – 4 different standard menus are available for you to put your pages on. Top, Bottom, Side and a special under the AddToCart button menu.


User Pages – Any number of user pages can be created.  All user pages have the same configuration options as the standard pages.


Special User Pages – Popup windows, HTML only pages and off site links can be setup.


User Menus – If you have a group of user created pages that you feel need their own navigation system you can define your own special menu that only shows on those pages.


Featured Items

  • 3 Different Display styles exist for featured items.
    • 2 column – Image on left, item attributes on right.
    • 1 column large – Image on top, item attributes underneath.
    • 1 column small – Thumbnail on top, limited item attributes underneath. This size if perfect for featured items running down the smaller right hand column.
  • You can pick and choose what item attributes you want to appear on the 1st to featured item styles.
  • Search, Product and Detail pages can all show different item attributes on the featured items.
  • 9 different ways to pick the featured items to be displayed
    • Id (sku) – You choose specific items to feature.
    • ASIN – You choose specific ASIN/ISBNs to feature.
    • Category – You pick a specific category to show featured items from.
    • Current Category – On product detail pages you can choose to show featured items from the same category that the customer is viewing.
    • Search – You can provide a search phrase and the featured items will be the result of that search.
    • Random – Random items from your inventory.
    • Cart Related – On the Cart page it will show items from the same categories of the items in their cart.
    • Amazon Search – You can show Amazon associate search items.
    • For every featured item type (above) you add… you can also choose options on how to display them:
      • Number of items to display.
      • Number of items to load – For example, if you are specifying featured items by ID/ASIN you can supply 10 Ids to load but only display 5 of them.  That way if some of the IDs are sold there are still 5 extra items to display.
      • How Items are picked for display – If you are loading more items then you are displaying you can choose to display them in the order you specified or randomly.
      • Display style of the featured Item. (2 col, 1 col large, 1 col small)
      • How many on a line.  For the display styles where the image is on top you can choose how many columns of featured items to display on a line.
    • Since there are so many featured item choices we provide a Featured Item Builder Wizard that allows you to easily create featured items.


    Coupons – Coupons for non-Amazon Payments are enabled. Total Price or Shipping Discounts. Calculated by percentage or Flat rate. Minimum order quantity or amount.


    Google Sitemaps – Create a file of every page on your website to be submitted to Google using their sitemaps.


    Other Databases - For a small additional fee you can create a MSSQL or MySQL database for other applications.

    Other Domains - For a small additional fee you can have another domain on the server.

    Subdomains - 10 Free

    Email Accounts - 100 Free